最佳优势桑德旅馆评论边缘砂光机是一个强大的机器,对焦并擅长一件事:多功能性。除了所有边缘桑德拉评论我写道,其中一人闪耀着更明亮,如你所见。它们具有一张桌子,该桌子移动垂直允许工作件以精确的高度定位,而水平砂带去表面上工作。边缘砂光机让你靠近,面部,斜面和轮廓一体机!它们是常见的港口机器,这意味着它们有点沉重,占用一些空间,尽管还有一些良好的紧凑型解决方案。Depending on the power and size of the machine you pick you’ll be able to take smaller and easier or bigger and harder tasks and due to the little details that manufacturers like to include in them in order to innovate, it can be a bit tricky to pick the right one. I find edge sanders to be incredibly convenient due to their versatility and although there are dozens of edge sanders for sale, I’ve used various brand names so don’t worry – I’m here to help you choose the perfect one.



Grizzly G0512. 福克斯W1688 三角洲31-482. JET 708447 OES-80CS grizzly g0564 福克斯W1730 Powermatic模型OES9138
价钱 $ $ $ $ $$ $$ $$$$
功率 110 V - 1.5 HP 110 V - 1.5 HP 230 V - 1.5 HP 230 V - 1.5 HP 240 V - 3 HP 240 V - 2 HP 460 V - 3 HP
速度(FPM) 1,800 FPM. 1,800 FPM. 3,900 FPM. 3,900 FPM. 3,150 FPM. 3,150 FPM. 3,542 FPM.
皮带尺寸 6x80英寸 6x80英寸 6x89英寸 6x89英寸 6x108英寸 6x89英寸 9x138.75英寸
电源 电动 电动 电动 电动 电动 电动 电动
保证 5年 2年 5年 5年 5年 2年 5年
可用性 在亚马逊购物 亚马逊商店 在亚马逊购物 在亚马逊购物 在亚马逊购物 在亚马逊购物 在亚马逊购物



Grizzly G0512边缘砂光带包裹围绕桌子

It has the all the essentials and the price is the lowest you can find. The Grizzly G0512 is a solid budget edge sander that doesn’t disappoint, even if it lacks a few advanced features (like oscillation) and a more refined polish. It features a 1.5HP motor, which is the adequate power for its class, that puts out 1800 FPM on the 6″ by 80″ sanding belt – equal to its competitor (the ShopFox W1688). The body is surprisingly tough and well-built, featuring a solid steel base and a sturdy laminated plastic table. It also has ball-bearing construction to further its quality and endurance, a handy safety switch and a efficient 4” dust port. While using it I found the manual table height adjustment to be easy to perform and the belt replacements were quick to do as well. It’s a competent edge sanding solution and it has a very attractive and competitive price, fans of the brand will certainly like it and newcomers will find in the G0512 a very affordable but efficient choice.


Delta 31-482 6在振动边缘砂光机中的x 89中

The Delta 13-482 is one of the most inexpensive oscillating edge sanders available in the market and while it lacks the power or more advanced features to be a truly outstanding machine, for the price it’s a very solid oscillating edge sander that will be a great choice for hobbyists. With a decently potent 1.5HP motor it is able to run the 6-by-49 inch belt at 3,900 SFPM and 108 OPM which is powerful enough to take on most woodworking tasks. It has a well-built and sturdy body made of cast iron and some parts made of steel which brings the total weight of the machine to 233 pounds. The belt can be used vertically, horizontally or in any bevel position in between which adds to its versatility. The machine has a cast iron work table with a miter gauge below the belt that can be tilted and it also has a built-in cabinet for handy storage of any sanding accessories and tools. It’s worth noting that the sander has no wheels and as such I would highly recommend you to get an adjustable mobile base so you’re able to easily move it around. The Delta 31-482 is a solid oscillating edge sander with an outstanding price point plus it comes with a free of charge 5 year warranty. If you’re a hobbyist on a budget, this is a great choice.


福克斯W1688 1.5马力6英寸乘80英寸边缘砂光机

凭借W1688 Edge Sander,Shop Fox提供了一个良好的预算机,具有一些赏心赞赏的功能,但它的整体饰面和机器的精细细节很短。重量为311磅,W1688呈现出具有屏蔽和润滑滚珠轴承的非常耐用的身体,即使在涂料和其他细节方面有粗糙的效果,也能提供更长的寿命。1.5HP电机为6×80英寸的砂带供电,以最大1,800个SFPM运行。虽然它缺乏皮带速度,但W1688提供皮带跟踪等先进的功能,快速释放杠杆,用于快速带的变化,使用斜切的工作台,可以倾斜,可以倾斜角度打磨和一个4英寸的灰尘口连接到真空,有效地从工作区中取出木材和磨料灰尘。如果您可以俯瞰粗糙完成,这是一个很好的预算磨砂机。


Jet 708447 OES-80CS 6英寸1-1 / 2-马力振动边缘砂光机,115/230伏1相



Grizzly G0564振动边缘砂光机,3-HP

Grizzly UPS他们的游戏并提供G0564,更有效,更先进的G0512,成功地从入门级转换到专业级机器。这个边缘砂光机有一个3 HP电机,使巨大的6“x 108”皮带在3150 FPM运行 - 这是强大的。它以1/4“振荡,这足以防止过热并为您的碎片提供更高的质量。主铸铁桌子配有T型槽和斜坡,辅助型号位于主轴下方,以提供进一步的支持和方便。它配备了两个内置4“灰尘端口,以及用于精确表格高度控制的手轮。Grizzly G0564的一个非常聪明的功能是倾斜工作的方式 - 它是移动而不是桌子的皮带。如此简单的小技巧,奇迹,即使使用角度,也会感觉很大,更容易始终具有稳定的桌子。在构建质量方面,它很棒。它是非常稳定的(钢和润滑的滚珠轴承,用于较长的寿命),并且给予更高水平的关注,如纽扣,齿轮和移动部件,所有的工作都顺利。由于快速释放机制,我有一个非常简单的时间变化带,并且无法在设计或性能上找到耀眼的缺陷(但振荡应该更高)。 It’s a great machine that offers professional features and performance at a jaw-dropping price.



商店W1730是一家重型,工业级,强大的振动边缘砂光机,重量为496磅,因此针对拥有商店或家庭工作爱好者的专业人士。它具有带有高效的2HP 240V电机,以3,150 SFPM运行大的6×89英寸皮带速度,电源和速度比平常更加努力,而不会停止。商店狐狸上涨了他们的游戏,将他们以前的坚固和耐用的身体结合在一起,对整个机器的详细信息和粉末涂层的粉末涂抹,我对此感到惊讶和非常深刻。皮带每分钟竖立3/4英寸垂直52次,以防止耐热损坏,并为您的碎片提供更高的更高质量的表面。它为您提供先进的功能,如垂直或水平打磨,也包括由于0到90度倾斜石墨涂层工作台,180度可调节斜切式工作台,两个高效的4英寸灰尘部件和a可拆卸栅栏。一个巨大的创新特征是能够将砂光轴连接到机器的左侧,以便钉在一起,非常想到。我对W1730留下了深刻的印象,这是一个强大而非常多功能的内置振荡边缘砂光机,轻松地提供了很大的结果,并为专业人士提供了非常有吸引力的价格标签。


PowerMatic 1791293型号OES9138 3 HP 3相振荡边缘砂光机

功率matic delivers an unmatched machine with the OES9138. It has been, in my opinion, the best edge sander available in the market for the last 10 years and will continue to do so for many more to come. It roars with its potent 3HP 230/460V motor, it’s capable of mowing down any task quickly and easily and the huge 9″ x 138-3/4″ is made to take on even the largest surfaces and pieces. It oscillates 24 full cycles per minute to provide a better finish and completely prevent heat related damage which is essential if you want to get perfect results. It features a sturdy bearing-assisted tensioning device that enables you to quickly change belts or perform speedy tracking adjustments. The 9-1/2 Inch by 48 Inch platen with graphite pad moves 8 Inches vertically, offers up to a 45° tilt and includes a miter head for precise angle work. It’s the largest work table I’ve ever seen and it’s strong and wide enough to hold even the biggest surfaces. The design is excellent, from the overall shape to the convenient location of elements such as the pedestal control switch which allows you to easily access it from any position. Powermatic once again stays true to their slogan “the golden standard” with a first-rate edge sander that can truly take on anything and not only deliver exceptional performance and stellar results but also handy controls and a body that will, in my view, last a lifetime.



正如你所看到的,很多思想进入了这些精彩的机器。它们非常有用,特别是如果您想在诸如斜面上的作品上产生复杂的细节,您可以放心,以上所有上述内容都将完美地完成。这些边缘砂光机中的一个特别让我感到惊讶于其性能和顶级特征JET 708447 OES-80CS . It sets itself apart from the other edge sanders for sale by having a great price tag and innovative features that make the sanding process easy and very accurate which allows me to create perfect edges and bevels on my pieces. An excellent choice that I highly recommend to any craftsman.


我希望这些振荡边缘桑德评论帮助您了解更多有关这些机器的信息,当然,我让您轻松选择正确的机器。感谢您阅读My Edge Sander评论,不要忘记留下您的问题和评论!


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